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LIVE GREEN takes a “Whole House” approach to Home Energy Auditing.  We evaluate each home comprehensively - considering its systems, components, design and physical condition together – to assess how to improve each home's energy efficiency, comfort and longevity in light of the homeowner’s primary needs and concerns, and the home's physical condition. (Understand more about Home Dynamics & Optimizing Home Energy Performance)

LIVE GREEN provides each client with objective recommendations, based on the specific needs of each home and the client's best interests.


LIVE GREEN's Home Performance Analysis
includes ALL of the following services:

A.   Evaluation of Energy & Physical Issues, which includes:

  • Meeting with the homeowner to identify concerns regarding comfort, energy use and/or related issues
  • Combustion testing to determine the safety and efficiency of combustion equipment and appliances, by looking at carbon monoxide levels, backdrafting of vented appliances, and safety hazards
  • Blower Door testing to determine air infiltration
  • Infrared thermography, which uses an infrared camera to analyze adequacy of insulation and air sealing, and identify potential water leakage issues
  • Inspecting physical condition, including a review of insulation, HVAC and appliances, structural integrity, mold & moisture issues, exterior drainage, and general condition
  • Reviewing historical energy bills 

B.   Delivery of our Home Performance Report, a customized comprehensive report, which includes:

  • Summaries of observations, test data & analysis
  • Detailed, budget conscious energy saving recommendations 
  • Relevant operational & maintenance recommendations
  • Estimated savings from undertaking the recommendations

C.   Development of an Implementation Plan - at a client's request, we will provide:

  • A detailed Work Proposal which includes all fees and costs of installation labor and materials, Live Green's "concierge" services, and post-implementation testing (go to Energy Improvements page for details).  The Proposal can account for a phasing of implementation, if appropriate for the client and the job.
  • Financial Analysis which analyzes the cost of the Proposal in light of:
    • Cost effectiveness (e.g. how much is saved each month on energy bills relative to the cost of making the improvements),
    • Return on investment (e.g. the ratio of energy savings to the cost of making the improvements), and 
    • Payback period (e.g. number of years to recover the cost of making the improvements through energy savings).


LIVE GREEN’s flat fee for Pepco Program customers is $100.*  LIVE GREEN’s flat fee for all other customers is $400. **

* Additional charges apply for additional services and certain properties, including houses that are larger than 3,000 finished square feet, have more than 2 heating and/or hot water combustion appliances, or are located more than 20 miles from Chevy Chase, MD.

** Discounts are available for non-Pepco clients who are Green Savings Co-op members, homeowners with a house that contains no combustion appliances, and groups of 4 or more.  Please inquire about discounts that may apply to you.  Only 1 discount is available per household.

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