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There are federal and state tax credits, local property tax exemptions and financing programs available to help cover the costs of making energy efficiency improvements to your home.  Below are quick summaries and links that we've put together to help you better understand what's available.  While we have done our best to gather all relevant and accurate information, we cannot guarantee that this information is fully complete or accurate. 

For a chart summarizing all of the available 2014 energy efficiency incentives for a house located in Montgomery County, MD - including the Pepco Program and federal and county tax credits, click here.  Note: This chart has been updated as of 9/1/2014.

For information on the Montgomery County, MD Residential Energy Conservation Property Tax Credit, which provides a tax credit of up to $250 per year for installing energy conservation devices, click here.

For information on the federal Residential Renewable Energy Tax Credit, click here.  (Note that this chart has not been updated since May 2011.)

For information on the federal Tax Credit for Consumer Energy Efficiency, click here.  

For information on the federal Energy Efficient Mortgage loan program, which enables homeowners to finance energy efficiency measures in a new or existing home, click here.

For information on Maryland's Weatherization Assistance Program, which helps low-income households through the installation of energy conservation materials in their homes, click here

For information on discounts for buying CFLs, click here if you're a Pepco customer or here if you're a BG&E customer.

To find rebates and special offers from area retailers on Energy Star qualified appliances, fans, heating and cooling equipment, home electronics, home envelope, lighting products, office equipment and water heaters, use Energy Star's Rebate Finder Tool.


By having
LIVE GREEN undertake an energy audit & physical evaluation of your home, and then implement the energy saving and operational & maintenance measures recommended in LIVE GREEN's Home Performance Report, you will:

•   Reduce your energy bills a home that's undergone the Home Performance
process usually saves 10 - 30% on energy bills, and monthly energy savings are
typically greater than the monthly cost of making the improvements, so you save
money every month!  (See
Financial Analysis, which summarizes the cost
effectiveness and payback periods for 5 representative
LIVE GREEN projects.)
•   Improve your home’s comfort

•   Improve health and safety by rectifying any unsafe conditions
•   Increase the longevity & value of your home
•   Make your home more marketable to potential buyers
•   Decrease your home’s carbon footprint

For Montgomery County, MD home sellers, satisfy the legislation requiring that a
seller provide information regarding utility bills and opportunities for home
energy efficiency improvements to a buyer before signing a purchase contract. 

(Read text of bill)

Infrared thermography helps Certified Building Performance Analysts detect home performance issues that would not be otherwise visible.

As shown above, infrared camera imagery can detect a location where insulation is missing.
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